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Saturday, March 3, 2018

The future Era: Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Automation

Technological advancements and digital transformations are drastically changing the way we do business today. Technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Robots and Automation are the new buzzwords of today, transforming user experience, engaging the consumer, analyzing patterns and enabling proactive and real-time response.
           Intelligence and automation combined can change the way business is done across all sectors of the economy. Intelligent automation systems sense and synthesize vast amounts of information can automate entire processes or workflows, learning and adapting as they go and give consumers an experience that is highly customized to their tastes and preferences. Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes personalization to the next level as AI, in the form of Machine Learning (ML), can predict and personalize answers to customers’ queries and requests. This trend enables marketers to have one-on-one customers’ conversations by applying data points from social media posts, browsing and purchasing histories, and past customer interactions to get a complete view of every customer. Ray Kurzweil, the famous American author, computer scientist, inventor, and futurist said that Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Machines are becoming more intelligent and capable each day in performing tasks that need narrow as well as broad intelligence.
Traditionally machines were envisaged to automate tasks that involved a great deal of repetition or standardized, hazardous tasks with great quality and less management overheads to deliver better outcomes. Machines today can manage information, connect with vast data sources, analyze and pull out the right information/ insights with minimum human intervention. Software can learn and intelligently interpolate and extrapolate data. More importantly, it can learn and adapt.
            A report released by Business Insider states that by the year 2020, about 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet with apps and software that will collect data from customers like geo location, search history, browsing habits etc. but all in un-intrusive ways, thus, eliminating the burden of data capture that creates privacy concerns. Big industry players like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc., are paving the way by embracing advanced technologies like AI, ML as well as their Digital Assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc. With the involvement of intelligent systems like robots in the workplace, businesses will soon witness a multi-faceted shift. Manual warehouse has always demands a massive investment in workforce, the most of the warehouse labor cost gets exhausted in ‘Picking’. Here, the automation comes into the game. The new warehouse operation advancements are linked to an integration of software solutions that drive the use of inventory optimization tools, and robotics. Amazon recently launched the first ‘self-driving’ grocery store, Amazon Go with no checkout lines, in Seattle in early 2017.  
               Walmart, is experimenting with robot shopping carts. Walmart also said it was testing whether drones could help check the inventory in its stores. And Elon Musk is teaching robots new tricks through Virtual Reality lessons! Workforce will take over 30 percent of jobs by 2025. Consequently, some jobs will be lost, while some new jobs will be created. Kev Cooke, Managing Editor D/SRUPTION said that Successful new technology often develops, displaces, disrupts or destroys a previous technology or mode of being, but with each new technology, the horizon of possibility retreats further, offering us new opportunities, new collaborations, recombinations of old ideas and new ways of being and working. Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Automation will offer new opportunities for human endeavour and new markets will follow.
-          Dr. Godwin Anand P S

*The author is an expert in the area of Automation. He is currently associated with Saintgits College of Engineering, Kottayam as Professor & HoD of Interdisciplinary Engineering. He is currently an approved PhD guide in Kerala Technological University.


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