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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Viva questions for Measurements Lab

1.      Mention some of the transducers.
2.      State the advantages of LVDT.
3.      Define transducer?
4.      What is the pressure transducer?
5.      What are the advantages of bridges?
6.      What is meant by balanced condition for Wheatstone bridge?
7.      Are RTDs and thermocouples intrinsically safe?
8.      What are the major differences between a thermocouple and an RTD?
9.      What are the major advantages of a thermocouple ?
10.  What are the major advantages of RTD?
11.  Write law of Intermediate material for Thermocouple
12.  What are the major disadvantages of a thermocouple ?
13.  What are the major disadvantages of RTD ?
14.  What is the working principle of mercury in glass thermometer?
15.  What is a thermocouple & how does it work?
16.  What is the working principle of a thermocouple?
17.  What is a RTD?
18.  How does Maxwells bridge works?
19.  For which parameter measurement, Scherings bridge used?
20.   What is a Hays Bridge?

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