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Friday, January 20, 2012

Golden Rules about Classroom Management

1. Ensure that you have clearly stated rules and procedures with established consequences that are expected and reviewed regularly. All students must know the rules, routines and expectations.
2. Never continue on with instruction when the rules are being broken - pause, delay and ensure that you have your student's attention.
3. Catch your students using appropriate behaviour and praise them!
4. Use behaviour contracts when necessary and follow up with appropriate incentives.
5. Be sure that your instructional periods are NOT too long, students need to be mobile throughout the day.
6. Provide individual, personal cueing and prompts to certain students as needed. Sometimes just touching a student's shoulder will bring them back to task.
7. POST the important rules - keep it short, no more than 6 and refer to it often. These should be posted after the class has brainstormed them.
8. Make sure you are teaching to all the various learning styles your students have. A student who is not being reached is more likely to be a problem.

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